Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nobody does it like Sara Lee

Last summer Sara Lee had a promotion with their bread where you could send in UPC codes and get free Toy Story swag. Well, they ran out of the items WAAAAY in advance and weren't able to fill everyone's orders. I had recieved a personal message from them via Facebook (after commenting...no, not a mean one...on their page) which I thought was really nice. Then I recieved a post card in the mail saying that I would still recieve my items but it might take an extra couple months. Well, they arrived!

I think it's really great of them to give such personal service and to go ahead and make sure to fill the orders they recieved...especially since it was a totally free promotion. All I paid was the cost of the stamp! I don't count the cost of the bread because I had been buying that kind anyway. Because of how great they handled this promo I will happily continue to eat their yummy bread.

Thanks Sara Lee!

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