Thursday, November 4, 2010

My best shopping trip EVER!

Tonight I made a quick trip into King Soopers, solely to pick up some of the great deals going on during their buy 10 sale this week. A couple weeks ago I made the mistake of waiting to do my shopping and I missed out on getting some items. This week I ran in to grab these deals and I'll go later in the week to pick up any other items we really need. I won't go through item by item to tell you what I spent/saved but here's the run down...

My entire shopping trip is in the picture. I purchased 32 items, 30 of which were a part of the sale (the bananas and markdown donuts were not).

Money saved = $50.73

Money spent = $8.65

Yep, everything in this picture cost me $8.65!!!

I like to think that when I do these posts I'm not just bragging. I hope it's helpful and you realize that it really is this easy to save money. It takes a little time and effort but it's soooo worth it! I could NOT do this without Jennie at Bargain Blessings. She is amazing! If you want assistance with helping to save money, I highly recommend following her blog.
For reference - here is the post that shows the King Soopers deals for the week.

Happy shopping!!

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