Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Little Distractions

This evening I was catching up on watching 19 Kids And Counting and was struck by something Michelle Duggar said.
In the episode, they were working on their most recent book A Love That Multiplies. The crew asked Michele how it works when they (her and Jim Bob) are working on the book and keep getting distracted by the kids' interuptions. She said, "The book is the distraction. The kids are my life and the book is my distraction."

That statement really hit home with me.

There are so many times that I'm sitting on my computer, working on my Avon or any other random thing, and the kids will come in the office. I cannot count how many times I have told them to "go play!", "let me finish my work!", or "stop distracting me!"

The kids should not be my distraction.

My children are my life. They should be my life. My husband and I brought them into this world because we wanted them....how did they become an interuption, a distraction, from the other things that I have chosen to do? How did selling Avon products become more important than building blocks with my beautiful 3 1/2 year old girl and my 22 month old boy? How did playing Bejeweled Blitz become more important than storytime?

This evening, as I get around for bed, I know I will be thinking about my priorities and how I hope to make some changes in my attitude and my approach. I have so much to learn...so many things to change about myself and how I live and love.

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  1. I just watched this about 10 min ago. It hit me too.