Friday, July 15, 2011

A Sale-ing I Will Go

I love garage know that by now. I really love garage sale-ing when I can go by myself. Is that selfish? Ok, so maybe not necessarily by myself but without my kids or husband (sorry honey). He doesn't mind looking around sometimes but he really does believe that garage sales are full of a bunch of "crap" and teases me when I go. So it's nice when I can go and take my time looking for treasures. :)

Here's what I found today...

These 2 ride-on, pedal toys I found for $3 each! They are both a little faded and a bit worn but they work (the 2 kids at the house even gave them a spin so I could see)!

I couldn't find this exact tractor, but a new John Deere tractor could cost upwards of $100 (mainly because it says "John Deere" on it). Like I said, this one is faded and some of the stickers are gone (as well as the pretend headlights) but for 3 BUCKS?? Seriously, if it gets played 2 times I'd be happy but I have a feeling it will get more use than that.

The Radio Flyer Steer and Stroll could be upwards of $75 brand new. It didn't come with the handle for me to steer but I don't think we really need that too much anyway. Plus it came with a bell (which I'm sure I'll find greatly annoying in a few mere minutes)! Again, a little faded but otherwise in great shape and only 3 BUCKS!

All these other goodies were just odds and ends of things I found and a few different sales...some books, craft items, decor and even some clothing for .10 and .25 a piece!! 

My grand total today, for everthing you see in both pictures, was $19.70. I love garage sales and I love my cheap "crap". ;)

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