Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I told myself I wouldn't do it...

but I did.

I'm sorry if this post offends anyone. I don't mean it to. This is just me and how I always told myself I would be.

I always said that I was not going to be that woman to got married, became a mom and then cut my hair short. I said I wouldn't do it!

And I just did.

I'm kicking myself over it. I'm not happy with this latest haircut. Actually, I haven't been happy with my last 3 haircuts. I don't understand why it's so hard to cut an angled bob. I go in and say, I'd like an angled bob. Not a severe angle...I don't want it so short it's shaved in the back...but I want it to be noticable that it's shorter in the back than in the front. And I'd like the front to hit just right above my shoulders.

Shouldn't be too tough, right? Apparently it is...

I don't have a picture yet but I'll try and get one soon, but my hair is a good inch or 2 above my shoulders, in the front, and it's only slightly noticable that it's shorter in the back. My little bangs are cute but that's about all I can say about it.

I think if I was happier with my hair cut then I wouldn't be so upset with myself that I had it cut so short in the first place. I swore that I would not be that mom but I thought that if I did cut it shorter but had a cute funky style then it would be ok that it was shorter. I always wanted to be the cool hip mom with the long hair, not the lame mom with the lame mom short hair. I'm verging on lame mom right now.

The only good thing is that my hair does seem to grow fast so I'm sure I'll be back down to the shoulder length that I was hoping for rather soon. Unfortunatly I still won't have the angeled look that I've been wanting for 3 hair cuts now. sigh....

If you know someone who will fix my hair for free I would greatly appreciate it. I'm too frugal to pay to get it recut right now. Otherwise I'll just sit this out and hope that my hair will continue it's trend of growing fast. I'll just have to get it recut later on to get rid of the little bit of angle that's in it. I just wanna be hip and cool, is that so much to ask?


  1. i don't know anyone that can fix it for free, but the woman that cut my hair short , our receptionist jamie, is awsum. she charges like $15 for a haircut, and has a really nice in-home salon. pretty much everyone in our office has her cut their hair now. she also does coloring.

  2. Thanks Emily. I'll definatly keep that in mind next time I'm read for a cut. She did a good job on your hair. :)