Saturday, January 29, 2011

A little score at Target

I heard earlier this week that some Target stores were running some 75% off clearance at Target so I thought I'd check it out. There wasn't as much as I thought there would be but I did snag a few things...

The Buzz Lightyear item is a backpack BUT it's stuffed like a pillow so it's more like a toy than a useful backpack. It does have a small zipper in the back but I can't imagine what would actually fit into it. It was only $1.75 so perfect to just pay around with.
The Cars lunchbox was only $4. Not sure if it's really that useful for Emmett right now so it might have been a waste of money, but we'll see. 
The soap pump was $4 also. I was actually pretty excited about that one. I have been looking for a new hand soap pump for my kitchen sink area and this one seems just right.
The little white plates were a score for me too. They were .68 each and I bought 8. I have been looking for little plates I can use for the kids' washable fingerpaints. Currently I use disposible paper plates and I hate that. It seems like such a waste. These aren't ceramic, they are that heavy plastic material (not sure what it's called) so I'm happy with them.

So ya, that's about it. They had some other items at 30% off. It looked like they were going to start clearancing out winter items soon so keep a watch for that!

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  1. Great deals!! I love Target and their clearance deals!