Friday, January 7, 2011

Walgreens shopping

I've been watching videos on other blogs and they are much better than I am but I was inspired to make a video about my Walgreen shopping this week. I don't know if you all play the Walgreens game with the Register Rewards (RR) and such but if you go to the store prepared, and know how it all works, you can score some good deals.

Check out the video to get the lowdown...

Again, the totals were:

Vicks NyQuil 3 - $4 each
Vicks DayQuil 1 - $4
Vicks VapoRub 1 - $4 = $20
Minus $6 in coupons = $14

Childrens Oscillococcinum 1 - $8.99

Total out of pocket was $23.34 with a savings of $21.75
PLUS I got back $19 in RR

Transaction #2 -

Herbashine hair color - $8.29
FREE with coupon
Infant Advil - $5
Minus $2 coupon = $3
Snaps candy (filler/fav. candy that I just had to get) 2 - $1.99 = $3.98
Giesha mushrooms  4 - .50 each (in ad coupon)
Valentine's Day card (filler...but would have had to buy eventually anyway) - $3.39

Used $9 in RR for a total out of pocket - $4.72 with a savings of $22.28!

Again, Walgreens shopping can be a bit frustrating sometimes (at least it is for me) so just make sure you know all of their coupon policies and the low down on RR. And sometimes even if you do, you still have to go back for a filler item, like I did. lol Remember, RR only work for you if you use them to buy things you need...not just random stuff. I could have grabbed any ol .50 item to help cover my tax but I didn't. I bought something I liked and I needed to buy (eventually) even though it made my total higher than I was hoping for.

Hope that helped a little. :)

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