Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Lucky Friday the 13th

I had a fabulous day on Friday, out running errands and getting some shopping done. I used some gift cards and store credit (from a return) that I received from Christmas and picked up some great storage items for my house (I'm nesting a bit early, lol). I also made a run in Safeway and snagged some killer deals!

All of the above cost me $10.32 for a 75% savings! The breakdown =

Life cereal - $1.88 a box with in-ad coupon. I didn't have a man. coupon to use with it but my kids love this cereal and that's a good price for it so I picked up a couple.
Saltines - $1.49 a box. No coupon, just needed some and that's a good price.
Nesquik - .19 each. No sale but I used my $1 off coupons. I've been holding on to this coupon for a while, waiting for them to go on sale but they were expiring (maybe today) so I used them. Who can't use a little yummy chocolate milk for only .19?
Colgate - Free! On sale for .99 each and .75 coupon that doubled.
Everybody's Nuts Pistachios - $2 each (awesome price for pistachios and a great, healthy snack)! On sale BOGO free and then I used two $1 off coupons. Note: the second coupon did "beep" at the register but my cashier was really lax. He just manually entered it in without question.
Hershey bars - Free! This one was a little tricky so I don't know if everyone will end up with this deal but here's what happened to me. On sale buy 2 get 2 free. I used two coupons from last Sunday's paper. The coupon is buy any Hershey bar and get an Air Delights bar for free. So, essentially, I got the two regular Hershey bars for free with the store sale then used my coupons to get the Air Delights for free.

I definitely consider that trip a big success! And one more note on that...I did a little cashier profiling when I checked out. I went in the line with the young guy, not the middle aged women. I, and many other couponers, will admit to doing this because the young guy is less likely to question your coupons. If I'm going to my normal King Soopers I know (for the most part) which cashiers are easier with coupons than others. I'm not doing anything wrong with my coupons. It just makes the shopping experience easier.

My other grocery stop was at The Oroweat Bakery Outlet. There are multiple locations in the Denver area (and across the country I'm sure) so if you haven't went into one I highly recommend it. The outlets carry everything from bread and buns to rolls, donuts, cakes and more!  Everything in the picture below cost me $9.64! The regular price of Oroweat bread, in the grocery store, is close to $3 so this is a steal!

The bread was 1.59 each, the English Muffins were 1.79 each and the Strawberry Bars just looked good...they were 1.29. If you spend over $7 you get to pick an item from their free rack (that's where the tall Buttermilk bread on the far left came from). ALSO, (and this blows my mind!) if you bring in your own shopping bag you get to pick an item from the free rack! No kidding!! Free bread (or donuts in my case) just for bringing in your own grocery bag!
OH! And they have a "punch" card for your purchases so every time you shop make sure they mark off your card so you can get more free bakery treats!
8 items for under $10 is awesome. If I would have skipped my slurge on the Strawberry Bars I could have picked up 7 items for $8.35...but, ya know, baby was speaking.
The great thing about bread is that it freezes well so I have 2 loaves in the freezer, one in the basement refrigerator and one on the counter. I'm stocked up on bread for a little bit and that price makes me happy!

Hope you all had a great weekend. The Safeway sales continue through Tuesday so run over and snag a few goodies.

Love and carbs,


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