Friday, January 6, 2012

No, I haven't lost my touch

I know I haven't posted any of my shopping deals lately. I think with all the extra shopping with the holidays (and 7 extra people at our house for 5 days), I've had to just go and buy what I needed. Now, you know me, I still found the best deal I could and, honestly, it wasn't too bad because I had so many things in my stockpile.

Just to remind you to not just walk on by those markdown bins, I want to show you about my coffee score today. Check this out!

These little gems were in the markdown bin for about half off (regular price is $7.50). What made this even better? My $3 off of two Starbucks coffee coupon! That means I snagged these 2 beauties for only $2.29 each! But wait...there's more! If I take the empty bag to a Starbucks location, I can get a FREE tall brewed coffee! I don't usually go to Starbucks because I make mine at home, but a free coffee works for me!
I almost didn't pick these up because I have a fair amount of coffee at home already but these are the half-caffeinated kind, which is what I've switched to now that I'm pregnant. :)

And, again, just to show you that I'm not totally off my game, I picked up everything in the picture below, on New Years Eve (quick store trip for all those coupons that were expiring), for a grand total of $2.25.

Is one of your resolutions to save more money this year? It can be done! Have questions, please ask! I'd love to help however I can.

Love and running half caffienated,


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