Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why Buy More Than One Newspaper?

This week, the Sunday paper contained 4 inserts. What a treat! The best part is that it contains a fair amount of really good coupons. Here's what you can go to the store today and pick up with a couple of these coupons.

Lady Speed Stick deoderant is on sale at King Soopers for .88 each. Use the BOGO free coupon from this week's paper and get them for .44 each!

Ragu Pasta sauce is a part of the Mega Event, also at King Soopers. Use the .50 off of one (which doubles to $1) and get pasta sauce for only .19 a jar!!

Take 2 of the $1 off Kettle chips coupon to Walgreens...pair it with the $1/2 coupon in their February coupon book (which is valid starting today) to go along with their 2/$4 sale and get 2 bags for .50 each!!

Hold on to the .50 off of Colgate coupon and get FREE toothpaste when a sale pops up (there was a $1 sale at Safeway but I'm not sure if it's still running.) $1 toothpaste sales come along frequently.

Also, check out the $1 off of 2 Mars Valentine's candy coupon. There are no size restrictions so you don't have to buy a big bag. Watch in the next week or so for those small Valentine's treats at the grocery or drug stores and get those for super cheap, or free.

That's just a sample of a few of the really great coupons that came out this week and there are a bunch more (and a few duds but that happens).  I did go to the store and pick up a few extra newspapers. When there is a week like this, it's the perfect time to spend that extra $1.50 (or $1 if you buy your paper at the Dollar Tree) and stock up so you can save a bundle!

**NOTE: When buying a newspaper, make sure to flip through to make sure it contains all the inserts it's should. I bought three at the store today and two of the newspapers were missing one of the four inserts. Thank goodness I checked before I left the store or I would have been pretty upset.

Now that the kids are asleep, I have a stack of coupons waiting to be clipped so it's a great time to turn on a mindless show on TV and clip away. :)

Love and one big stack of coupons,



  1. You might want to let people know to get the paper at the DollarTree if they have one nearby- then you can get the Sunday paper for $1 instead of $1.50 (or whatever it is that they charge now). :-)

    1. lol, I did mention it in the post. I didn't highlight it, and maybe I should have, but it's in there. :)
      Unfortunatly I went to a Dollar Tree on Sunday and was there too early. The location I went to doesn't receive their papers until around 11am (GASP!) so I ended up just paying the extra to get them at King Soopers. :)