Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Safeway Steals!

I was able to make a last minute trip to Safeway today to get in on some of the deals from their ad ending today. I was hoping to get there last week but I've been dealing with an infected tooth (soooooo not fun) so I'm just trying to chug along as best I can. Nothing helps make me feel better like saving a bundle of money. :)

Here's what I snagged....

How much would you imagine to pay for all of this?

$94.22?? (eek!!)

That's what it would cost at regular price.

How about $64.18? (blech!!)

That's what it would have been with just using my Safeway card.

My grand total, using my Safeway card, Safeway coupons from the weekly sale ad and my manufacterer coupons was...

$29.29! A savings of 69%

--- FREE gum, .46 boxes of Kleenex, .50 boxes of fruit snacks, .77 boxes of cereal, .79 cans of soup and .99 jars of pasta sauce. The Listerine was $2.99 after sale and coupons and the coffee k-cups were $3.74 after markdown and coupon.

Seriously ya'll! You can do this!!! Under $30 for 37 items! I know the cereal choices aren't the healthiest but a small bowl of cereal helps cure a sweet tooth when needed. :) We are now stocked up on good pasta sauce and soups (perfect since I can't bite into a sandwich right now) and since the kids have one package of fruit snacks about every day I am set for a little while (which I needed since we were out and I paid $2 for a store brand box just a few days ago).

I love stocking up and paying so little while doing it. I only wish that I would have gotten to the store earlier this week so I could have shared this with you sooner. If you can sneak out yet tonight...do it!

Just a note for upcoming weeks: You CAN pair the in-ad coupons with manufacturer coupons. So make sure to scan those ads and see what you can match up. Just note the limits on the coupons or the quantities needed to get the lower sale price.

Love and Stocking Up!!


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