Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dig through the Markdowns!

Do you feel self-conscious walking over to those markdown area and digging through them? Are worried that some people are going to look at you and think you are one step away from dumpster diving?

Well don't be! 

I got over it a looooong time ago. In fact, for a while there, I used to go straight to the markdown bin when I first walked in the store. There was an occassion (when Emmett was a baby) where there were bins full of baby food and a lady who had gotten there just a few minutes before me snatched up a whole bunch of them! I was so bummed because if I would have just arrived a moment sooner I could have scored a lot more cheap baby food (not sure why they were being marked down...they still had long expiration dates...) Since then I always make sure and scan over the bins to see what I can find.

Where do I check for markdowns?


My store has the non-parishable area (which also holds the bread), a dairy markdown cooler and the meat markdowns. Don't be afraid to look through them. With the parishable items you have to see if its something you will use within the reasonable sell by/use by date. If it's meat, you can wrap it up and put it right in the freezer, if you aren't going to use it within the next day or two.

Today there were cans and cans of soup! Again, I'm not sure why they were being markdown. Most of them has 2012 or 2013 expiration dates and they were not dented. They were probably just varieties that are discontinued.

Here's what I picked up...

You can see that I already marked them with the expiration date. I do that so it's eaiser to keep track of what I have and use up the items that expire first.

These were at a great markdown price to begin with but then I paired them with a $1 off of 2 coupon that was in the Sunday paper (not sure if it was this last week or the week before) and that made them even better!! Of course, King Soopers has there 3 coupon limit, per like item (or however it's phrased) so I was only able to grab 9 cans but that's still not bad! We aren't big soup eaters in the summer but for .69 a can I can stash these away for when there is a chill in the air.

It's just another example of why I bring all my coupons with me to the store. I never know what kind of unadvertised deal I'll find.

Happy hunting!

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