Monday, August 15, 2011

Walgreens this week!

I braved some Walgreens shopping today. I will say that it was a tad frustrating and I did go to 3 different Walgreens to get some of the deals (but only because there were 2 more that I passed when I was on my way to Safeway). Walgreens shopping can be very profitable but it can also be annoying when you go to the store and they are out of what you are wanting or they just don't even carry it.

Here's what I did end up with...

This is 4 different transactions. I won't go through the specifics but what's important is that I paid $20.12 for all of this. I also have a $3 register rewards left over for another time. My total savings was $102.73!!!

Holy moley!

I suggest checking out Jennie's Walgreens Post, at Bargain Blessings, to get the lowdown.

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