Monday, August 15, 2011

Safeway Score

You have a day and a half to still get a few of these deals so head on over to Safeway if these deals suit your fancy...

Out of pocket spent - $5.88! I rounded up my change to donate to MDA so I actually paid $6 even. Total savings for the trip $38.49 which is 86%!! The Gardettos were FREE and everything else was. 49 a box (thank goodness because I was paying around $2 a box for store brand fruit snacks and I was none too pleased)! Woot woot!!

I was also going to pick up the free Bugles and Chex Mix this week but they were out. I did get a rain check for them both so I just have to get back in there before my coupons expire so I can snag them. Check out the lowdown on this sale here and happy shopping!!

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