Thursday, August 4, 2011

I broke down...

and went to IKEA!

I swore to myself, after all the hubbub that I would wait at least a month or two to go. I made it a week.

There was a reason though...sort of. I have an Avon customer/friend who works in the DTC and I had an order to deliver to her. If it wasn't that I was already going to be over that way I wouldn't have gone so soon...but it just worked out.

I had dropped the kids off at school (that was already planned) and headed down there, knowing I only had a few hours until I had to pick them back up.

I ended up meeting a friend there (and one of her friends) for breakfast and, since I was in a bit of a rush, went on and looked while they dropped their kids off at the play area.

My first impressions: They have thought of EVERYTHING. Seriously! Between the kid drop off play area (free babysitting for one hour!) and the super cheap (and good) food. It's amazing! Even the shopping carts are user friendly (although they need to have some accessible on the 2nd floor) know what I mean if you've been there.

Before you go, make sure and sign up for an IKEA Family card. You can sign up online and have your card printed when you get there, or just sign up at the kiosk at the store. There are a few items in the store where you get a bit of a discount, you also get a coupon for a free frozen yogurt cone, entries for various sweepstakes and you also get a free coffee or tea EVERY time you go to the store.

So I had breakfast (only $1.99 for eggs, potatoes, bacon and french toast sticks!!) and off I went. Less than an hour later (because I had to leave to pick up the kids) I was at checkout. My picks...

At checkout I scanned in a .59 reusable bag. Seriously, .59!?!?!?

The Lekplat play mat for only $14.99! I've been wanting to get a play mat, for Emmett's room, for a while but they all seemed pretty pricey. I love the softer colors on this one and the price is awesome!

I also picked up a new microwave cover, which we needed because my other one is cracked, for only .99!

I snagged 4 little stuffed animals for .49 each. They were kind of a lame purchase but I need some little toys, as presents for the kids, because of a sticker chart I'm doing for them.

I picked these cake stencils for only $1.49.

I grabbed a plastic bag holder for $1.99 (I actually have been wanting one of these but I usually find them for $7 and up!).

A new frying pan for only $19.99! (ours is warped in the center so we needed a new one)

The black, silicone, ice cube tray with the long thing shape...perfect for water bottles...was only $1.99.

A red bottle opener for only .99 (we needed a replacement for our basement refrigerator). I wish it was magnetic but I have some magnet strips here at home so I'm going to try and make it magnetic. :)

And, of course, a chocolate bar (which is currently in the freezer because it melted on the way home) for .99 (that's how they can charge .59 for a reusable shopping bag...they taunt you with a chocolate bar!)

So that's it! All for $49.05. I really did have to rush through the store and there were whole sections that only recieved a quick glance so I definatly have to go back when I have more time.

So now I get it. I get why IKEA was such a big deal. The prices are great, the store is insanely customer friendly (and kid friendly) and it's somewhere you could just hang out for hours on end. Browse, get a bite to eat, let the kids much to do and see.

I will be back.

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